How Can Value Builders Participate in Your Development?

We are one of the largest volume builders of low density multi-family product in the Texas market.  We sell our product to thoroughly vetted, high net worth investors who have an extremely low risk of foreclosure, and have plenty of funds to keep their properties in pristine condition.  We work hand in hand with top level leasing and management companies who are the industry’s best at keeping the units occupied, maintained, and in strict compliance with the subdivisions CCRs.  All of the tenants must pass through rigorous underwriting in order to qualify for leasing our properties, and our units demand top of the market rental rates – which helps to ensure that we are leasing to people who will integrate well with the larger community.  Our communities are run like well managed, Class-A apartments, and because of this, we make the perfect buffer within master planned communities between the single family residences, and other higher or unsightly uses.

We are happy to provide prospective developers with developer references from master planned communities that we have built within along side of $200k-$500k homes – with which we proved very complimentary.


John Hodge, president of Arcadia Realty Corp. has been using Value Builders for the past four years and says, “Value Builders has been building in our Woodland Estates community since 2007. Their ability to build and sell homes in arguably the most challenging housing market in recent history has been outstanding, and has far exceeded our expectations. We have found the Value Builders’ team to be one of the most capable, hard-working and ethical builders in our 20 years of community building. And you can rest assured that if Glen Anderson gives you his word, you can take it to the bank!”
Our success is driven by the personal relationships we build with our customers and service providers. We are committed to excellence in everything we do and that commitment has helped us develop long-term relationships with our industry partners. We view all our business relationships as mutually beneficial partnerships.
To learn more about the Value Builders contact us online. Give us a call at 972-775-8112 if you have more questions.

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