Value Builders—Helping You to Maximize Your Clients Investment Returns

Value Builders is dedicated to our property investors and their real estate professionals. Our team focuses on building high quality investment properties in locations that deliver the maximum ROI to the investor.


Since 1972, Value Builders’ leadership has been a leading investment property construction specialist in the growing Texas market. We focus on the development and sale of Class-A multi-unit income properties in strategic locations and emerging markets.


A few good reasons that make us one of the best sources of investment property in the Dallas-Fort Worth/ Austin / San Antonio areas:

  • Quality: Quality products, top-of-the-line properties and ideal locations—these are the hallmarks of what Value Builders provides property investors.
  • Service: No other builder delivers the same level of personalized service as Value Builders. Knowing that most of our investors do not have the time and/or ability to deal with the many moving parts of this business, we have created a process that is truly “turn key” in order to ensure that the properties they buy from us will perform in a manner that exceeds their expectations – despite those properties often having addresses that are located 1000’s of miles from their own home.
  • Professional: many of the professionals we work with have done so for many years. Our brokers demand and we deliver the most professional experience every time.


Tom Kuthy, founder, Keller Williams Investment Property Group, Dallas Texas shares his experience:

Value Builders is a quality organization from top to bottom. My out of state client purchased a duplex from Value Builders and was very pleased with the transaction. The unit was delivered in excellent condition, and came with a strong warranty. The property was fully rented with excellent tenants. The transaction was smooth and hassle free. There is no better investment property on the market today than Value Builder’s duplexes.

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