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Value Builders: Maximizing Your Investment Dollar Since 1972

For over 4 decades, Value Builders has been a leading investment property construction specialist in the growing Texas market. We focus on the development and sale of multi-family dwellings in strategic locations and emerging markets:

  • High quality construction for your investment dollar: Value Builders specializes in investment property construction. We construct top-of-the-line dwellings that adhere to specific code and building requirements.
  • Targeted markets for multi-family dwellings: We target strong investment markets geared toward attracting families and professionals in order to position your property in a prime real estate location.
  • Increase return on investment: The goal with any investment is to deliver consistent and steadily increasing ROI. When you work with Value Builders you can be assured that you will get maximum return on your investment dollar.

At Value Builders, we are dedicated to every customer's success. We help you achieve your goals by building value in our products from the foundation up. We take personal responsibility for all our relationships and when you partner with us, you can be assured that our goal is value for everyone involved in the process. Together, we all succeed.

Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin & San Antonio Markets: Emerging Investment Property Opportunities

Three of the hottest markets in the country, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio topped Forbes' list as the next big boom towns in the US. Why should you consider investing in these cities?

  • Growth areas with high paying jobs, good schools, upscale shopping, dining, and high quality living
  • Consistently listed on "best places" lists
  • Attract a diverse population ranging from college graduates and professionals to young families with children

Discover more about investment property opportunities in Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin & San Antonio. We'll work with you to identify and develop properties that will yield rich rewards and ongoing return on investment.

Read more about how Value Builders can transform your real estate investment into a profitable venture. Contact us online to request a broker package or call Sean Little at 512-293-4313.